• How to quit your job

How to quit your job

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This book will help you figure out whether or not you should quit your job. It will also give you a framework to contemplate the bigger questions of life such as: Is the grass really greener on the other side? How do I know when I've overstayed my welcome? Is this what I want to do with the rest of my life? Should I ask for a raise? How do I make my co-workers like me?

Chapters include:

  • Don’t quit your job
  • How to ask for a raise
  • Preparing to quit your job
  • Negotiating salary and benefits
  • How to start a new job
  • 5 Good reasons to quit your job
  • 5 Bad reasons to quit your job


109 Pages
Author: Justin Kerr
Design: Boon
ISBN: 978–1–5323–5073–3
Printed in USA 
Limited edition of 500

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